Relationship-Building Customer Anniversary Gifts

When your company invests in customer retention initiatives, the first purchase is just the beginning. Service anniversaries for customers are the perfect occasion to acknowledge your customers and thank them for their business and support. Look to Giftogram to reconnect with your customers in a meaningful way through gift cards they can spend at their favorite retailers.

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Customer Anniversary Gift Cards Perfect For...

From celebration and gratitude to recognition and rewards, Giftogram’s gift card design gallery features unique designs that perfectly align with your gifting goals.

One Year of Service

Mark one year of your relationship with a small gift that lets your customers know just how grateful you are for their patronage.

Milestone Newsletter

Add a digital gift card code to your anniversary newsletter that thanks your customers and shares personalized recommendations.

Annual Appreciation Gifts

Once you’ve made it to years two, three, and four, you should keep the momentum going by keeping the tradition of gifting each anniversary.

Customer Retention Initiatives

Segment your customer list and target those who purchased last year but not this year with a gift that can help you reconnect.

Other Gift-Worthy Occasions

Giftogram gift cards can be used to develop meaningful employee and customer relationships by adding a little something extra to all kinds of occasions.

Surprise and Delight

You don’t always need a reason. Gift your customers “just because” and watch your relationship instantly grow.

Enrollment Incentives

From your email list to your loyalty program, grow your engagement channels quickly by sweetening the deal.

Loyalty Incentives

Encourage repeat purchases and continued engagement with loyalty rewards that really motivate.

Birthday Gifts

Wow your customers with a branded birthday gift card they’re sure to enjoy on their special day.

Appreciation Gifts

Say thanks to show your customers how much you appreciate first purchases, long-time loyalty, and more.

Survey Rewards

Generate valuable feedback that can lead to better decision-making by offering rewards people want.

Holiday Gifts

Wish your customers a happy holiday season with a token of appreciation they’ll truly enjoy.

Consumer Incentives

Drive up high-dollar sales and items per transaction through gift card offers your customers will respond to.

75% of consumers expect brands to make a greater contribution to their quality of life.*

Start by acknowledging their loyalty with rewards they’ll really value.

*Source: Havas

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