Retain Star Talent with Employee Recognition Gifts

When you call out exemplary work, your employees will continue to impress you with their very best. Giftogram empowers managers to appropriately use recognition gifts for employees and reward outstanding work and efforts with flexible gift card rewards that motivate everyone to strive for greatness. Choose the design, denomination, and format that best suits your needs.

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Employee Recognition Gift Cards Perfect For...

From celebration and gratitude to recognition and rewards, Giftogram’s gift card design gallery features unique designs that perfectly align with your gifting goals.

Inspiring Servant Leadership

When leaders in your company work to support the goals of their team members, make sure to let everyone know how valued their efforts are.

Outstanding Work

Retain the incredible talent you have by giving props to the standard bearers of your organization in a public and tangible way.

Employee Awards

Create special employee rewards that enable colleagues to nominate one another each quarter for a special tribute and gift.

Above-and-Beyond Contributions

From the employee who stays late to meet the deadline to the manager who fills in for an unexpected absence, your superheroes deserve super rewards.

Other Gift-Worthy Occasions

Giftogram gift cards can be used to develop meaningful employee and customer relationships by adding a little something extra to all kinds of occasions.

Holiday Gifts

Wish your employees a happy holiday season with a token of appreciation they’ll truly enjoy.

On-the-Spot Rewards

Instantly acknowledge a job well done with gifts that star employees will love.

Appreciation Gifts

Say thanks to the project masterminds, office heros, eager interns, and early-morning bagel buyers.

Birthday Gifts

Create a celebration culture and pair those cupcakes with gifts that keep giving after their special day.

Anniversary Gifts

Recognize loyal employees with a generous gift to mark their time at your company.

Survey Rewards

Generate valuable feedback that can lead to better decision-making by offering rewards people want.

Retirement Gifts

Wish employees well as they begin their next chapter with a gift to fund what’s ahead.

Recruiting Incentives

Encourage new applicants by touting your company’s rewards and recognition culture from the start.

In the past year, 65% of employees haven’t been recognized for their hard work.*

*Source: Gallup Poll

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