One Card, Hundreds of Retailers

Take the guesswork out of gifting. Give them ability to choose, whatever the mood.
This is how gift cards were meant to be.

Phone redeeming Giftogram card

How It Works

1. Follow the Instructions

Users follow the simple details on their Giftogram to navigate online from any device. It's easy-to-use for shopping experts and novices alike.

2. Choose an eGift Card

Once on Giftogram, users can select the eGift Card of their choice. They can even select multiple cards to reach the total value of their Giftogram.

3. Use Online or In-Store

They're ready to enjoy! eGift Cards can be used right away, whether they are online or in store — right from their phone or using a printed certificate.

Giftogram gift card selection
and see how Giftogram takes the guesswork out of gifting

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands can they choose?

Giftogram has nearly every brand they can think of — and then some. Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and hundreds more. View our current list of retailers.

Do Giftogram cards expire?

Giftogram cards expire 18 months from the time they are ordered. Once redeemed, the egift card the user selected will never expire.

What is an egift card?

An egift card is the digital version of a gift card. They can be redeemed online or in-store on your mobile device or via printout.

What if the user has trouble redeeming their Giftogram?

Users have access to our online support tools including help desk and live chat. They can also call with questions during our regular support hours.

Can I choose specific retailers?

Giftogram is about choice. However, if there are certain categories of retailers you would like to remove to fit in with your use (i.e. removing fast food for a wellness program reward) we would be happy to work with you. Contact us.

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