Security In Your Hands

Traditional gift cards come with the risk of protecting your gifts from theft or misuse. Giftogram allows you to activate, deactivate and monitor your cards in real-time.

Activate or deactivate each and every
card right from your dashboard

Prevent Theft & Misuse
Activate only the cards you need. Deactivate cards that you believe to be stolen or misused.

All, Nothing or In-Between
True flexibility means you can activate cards one at a time, a range of cards or a whole batch at once.

activation layer 1
activation layer 2 (1)
activation layer 3
activation layer 4

Access From Anywhere
Whether on your phone or laptop at the office or on-the-go, access your security tools from anywhere.

Real-Time Control
Activation status changes take place in real-time for quick adjustments or ommissions.

giftogram phone hand layer 2

Get instant security notifications

Giftogram provides the peace of mind that comes with security tools built into your dashboard.

Our ongoing, round-the-clock monitoring guarantees that if anything seems amiss at any time, we’ll make sure you are notified and the problem is solved.

Fraud Monitoring
Systematic monitoring ensures any unusual activity will be investigated and potential fraudulent actions stopped.

Giftogram Phone Support
We are here to help. With Giftogram you will always have access to a human via phone or live chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I activate our cards?
Giftogram cards can be activated as soon as they arrive but no sooner. Your package will include instructions inside the box or login to activate your order.

Can I activate only a portion of our cards?
Yes. You can activate or deactivate an entire order, a group of cards or even a single card at once.

What happens when someone tries to redeem an inactive card?
The user will be presented with an alert that their card is inactive and they will not be allowed to proceed any further or claim their egift card.

I received a notification that an inactive card was attempted, what do I do?
You may choose to activate that card or, if you believe this was a case of misuse, contact us and we’ll help you resolve the issue.

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